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Online Privacy Policy for Idea-Central

Idea-Central respects your privacy. We value your right to remain anonymous. We have established the following policy in regards to your privacy. Read through the details carefully. Discover how we protect your privacy.

This privacy policy is about the way information collected is used. We will not collect any information that identifies you as an individual unless you knowingly provide it to us

1. The information collected and used

If you use this website, you are in control of what information is collected, but if you choose not to share your information, you may not be able to access or use some areas of this website.

1a. How information is collected

This information may be collected, stored and used when you use this website and when you call Idea-Central.

1b. What information is collected

The information collected and held may include but is not limited to:

  • information about your computer’s browser and about your visits to, and use of the website;
  • if you call Idea-Central, your phone and/or mobile phone number and the time, date and day of the week and length of your call; and
  • any other information you may provide to Idea-Central via this website.

1c. Using cookies or other on-device storage

Cookies are information files stored on your computer that help websites remember you. Cookies are NOT used on this site to collect information by Idea Central Limited, please see our Cookie Policy for further information.

2. How information collected is used

2a. When you use this website

When you use this website, information is exchanged. It is used for the purposes set out in this privacy policy.

2b. Customisation of this website and advert targeting

This website does not use advert targeting or dynamic customization of the user experience.

2c. Tracking how the website is used

Information may be collected about activity on the website, or other organisations may be used to collect it and to share it. This information is used to:

  • analyse statistics;
  • track pages and paths used by visitors to, or users of, the website;
  • target the adverts or offers, such as banners, on the website and on the websites of other organisations; and
  • track the use of the internet banner adverts and other links from marketing partners’ websites to the website.

For these purposes, the information on the path you take to get to the website and on some of the pages you visit or use through the website, web beacons and other on-device storage will be retained. You cannot be personally identified from the information that is collected on this website.

2d. Analysing call volumes

If you call Idea-Central using the number featured on the website, we may record your phone number, the time, date, day of the week and length of the call and certain details about whether the call was answered or not. This information may be used to analyse the effectiveness of the website.

3. Disclosure of your information

Any information collected by Idea-Central will only be made available, or used by, members of Idea-Central, or any entity carrying out functions on behalf of Idea-Central for:

  • the purpose of enabling Idea-Central to provide products, services and information to you in accordance with your requests or reasonable expectations; and
  • the purpose of enabling Idea-Central to ascertain whether or not it has other services or products which may foreseeably meet your needs and to notify you about these; and
  • the purposes of enabling Idea-Central research, planning, product development, risk assessment, risk modelling and marketing.

Every now and again, requests are received for information from government departments, the police and other enforcement agencies. If this happens, and there is a proper legal basis for providing your information, it will be provided to the organisation asking for it.

4. How your information secure is kept secure

The security of information is taken very seriously. Technology and security policies are in place to protect the information held.

5. How changes to this privacy policy may occur

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time so you may want to check it each time you visit the website.